To be or not to be different?

Packed with insights, book `How not to plan` Les Binet and sarah carter will help to answer this question.
Valentine Vivcharchyn

Being different - is not about being cheaper or just better than competitors.

Being different is about being BRAVE enough:

1. Not to have `Unique selling point`. Brands don't have to be different in functional, rational ways.

2. To be distinctive, not just different. Everything your brand does should have its own style and personality.

3. To state that some of the most distinctive assets are `meaningless`

4. To recognize the importance of distinctive assets linked to your brand: design, typeface, color, character

BRAVE strategy can only be created thinking carefully before messing with statements above.

That's why we dive into data and meet with your teams to discover insights and trouble points. Let's build a scalable and brave strategy with Banda for you.