How to write a perfect brief?

When a client writes a very good brief, you can get rid of your strategist. Well, it may not be a very promising decision for us, but our strategists decided to share their thoughts on how to write a client brief.
Bohdan Hetmanov

Check out a few tips that might make your brief smarter than ever.

1. Share your pain.

We care about your business and hope that things are going surprisingly well, but there is always something you want to overcome. Even if it's haters on social networks. An honest conversation will help to find non-standard solutions to the problem.

2. Imagine future success.

A loud campaign is great, but think about how you will understand that the agency has done a great job? Do you have certain KPIs? Which of them can be achieved creatively, and which - working with a marketing team? Write down your idea of ​​a successful case as goal of campaign.

3. Select a key message (preferably only one).

If the list of important brand attributes does not fit on one slide, then all of them will not be used in communication. Guess which message will force you to spend money on communication? Without which opinion, the goals will not be achieved at all?

4. List a few campaigns you like.

Describe why (creators are interested in what you thinking of). A good agency will not copy a "reference", but it is always a pleasure to discuss your favorite creative moves.

5. Describe the people we are addressing.

Keep the age and type of occupation for the media placement. We are interested in what these people have in common or how they relate to your company.

After reading our tips you can try fill out brief here.