My 5 insights from Creative Tabir

Last summer, Banda Agency made Creative Tabir — It was like old-fashioned camp, with three meals a day in the dining room, bonfires and disco party when shift closed.
Vlad Vakulin

I wanna tell you my 5 

insights which I gleaned 

from Creative Tabir.

1. It's easier to make mistakes if you treat everything as a game. It's cool to look 

at tasks as levels you need to pass. After all, you can permanently save and start over in the game, and such a mindset unties your hands in a workflow.

2. If the idea still seems cool the next day, develop it. If not — discard it.

3. Asking for help is a superpower. Everyone likes to be asked for help, 

but at the same time, everyone are afraid to ask.

4. Think like a child. This means naive excitement, big ambitions, and searching for the sensation of butterflies in the stomach. All this helps to create simple 

and brave ideas at the same time.

5. Once you are completely sure of what you are doing, the result will be bad. Doubts is ok.

My name is Vlad, I was in Creative Tabir and now I`m working in Banda, 

as well as a designer of this picture Oleksii.