Why cool creative saves media budget?

1. Free media coverage. Many media want to write about a cool creative solution for free. And not only media about advertising and creativity. After all, if your case has an impact on society, it will be easy for your PR manager to make some noise.

2. Buzz of social networks. Yes, people repost cool content for free, that's understandable. But if you have a non-standard creative that is based on some insights, it can catch different opinion leaders. Some of them you can’t get, even if you wrote first.

3. Boring advertising is switched off in a moment. We have already had a reflex like Pavlov's dog, according to which we are waiting for the skip button to appear. Convex, non-standard advertising is interesting to watch as a series because it clings to narrative and plot. That's how people get acquainted with the brand.

4. Click optimization. The more engage your ad, the cheaper the cost-per-click, conversion, reach etc. That’s how digital works, but cool creative is interesting for people in any environment, even if a person sits on a street bench.
We love to save customers money, so we were recognized as the most effective independent creative agency in the world by Effie Index.

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