Amazing Everything.New cannabis brand


Is everything amazing?

Hmm... Not really

Amazing Everything is a cannabis brand that was created from scratch, where everything from custom font to the naming was made to make every great moment better. 

“But everything is amazing already, and those who complain are just grumpy people who don't know how to enjoy life” — you might have thought. 

But one day some jerk at a gas station skipped in front of you in the queue and you didn't say anything. Then your boss complimented the guy who actually just got the job. And the cherry on the cake was your ex's post where she's happy with her new boyfriend.

TADAM! You've turned into an unhappy grump who isn't enjoying his life, but instead has a swarm of anxious thoughts in his head that get louder and louder every day. 

Welcome to the 

unhappy trap

From this moment on, there is an obsessive babbler in your head who makes you distracted, unfocused, and irritable. We did research and found that in fact, the obsessive babbler is a global problem for Americans.

This swarm of anxious thoughts gets out of hand and changes the way you think. But the worst thing this sneaky babbler does is that you burn out and lose your creativity and inspiration to do what you love. Isn't that the worst feeling in the world? We think it is! 

Let's make everything

amazing again!

Our brand mission has become crystal clear - to make annoying babbler shut up and to create as many amazing moments in life as possible to inspire one and all to be creative and enjoy life.

It's a brand philosophy we've pushed through everything. The naming, branding, colors, tone of voice, and brand characters are designed to make you feel amazing and inspired again. 


Creative Director – Yaroslav Serduk

Strategist – Mykyta Tregub

Senior Copywriter – Anastasia Burganova

Copywriter – Maryna Vasylenko

Copywriter – Daria Chyrkova

Senior designer – Victor London

Designer – Danya Nesterevych

Designer – Velychev Yevhen

Junior designer – Maksym Mazigula

3D designer – Oleksii Pryshepa

Team Lead – Daryna Skalun

Project Manager – Masha Matvyeyenko



Make useful unboring.