Брендинг, що підсвічує таланти


Five years ago, AMO started as a small media startup launched as part of the Ukrainian co-funding IT company Genesis. But now AMO is an international IT company that creates products and stories for millions of people. There are three of its teams working on it: AMO Publishing – Entertainment Media Publishing whose stories are collected monthly by more than 40 million readers from the USA and Western Europe; AMO Pictures is a Production of Visual Stories viewed by over 800M people from all over the world; AMO Apps is an APP Developer Team that makes health and wellness mobile applications.

The task is to create a Brand for people within 

the company

During the time of transformation from a media startup to a company with three different directions, a question arose: how do we explain to ourselves and our employees what AMO is? Thus, our task is to create a Brand that will give an answer to people who work here.

We determined the major value of the company: behind each story of AMO, there stand people

AMO products are based on the stories. They are told in articles and videos; apps encourage people to start their new life stories. Therefore, AMO is sure that behind each impressive story, there stand people: authors, main characters, and users. Because they are the ones making attractive out of simple, filling it with emotions and meaning.

We defined a mission: 

AMO highlights talents 

After talking to AMO people, we have found an interesting fact – they easily name the strengths of their colleagues but find it difficult to mark their own. They hid behind the success of the products they created and worked on. Although, each of them has a talent that has made these products successful. To solve this problem, it stood necessary to highlight their skills. That is how we shaped the company role: AMO spotlights the talents of its people.

Light is the main character 

of branding

Design reflects AMO's role and its ability to find the talents of others. Light becomes the main character of branding.

For the logo, we select the shape of a geometric ray, most visible in the dark. This results in black as the main color of the identity. And for the ray, light beige suits the most.

To distinguish the three AMO directions, we use expressive and contrasting colors.

The ray exists not only in the logo. On layouts, it highlights important details in text like a spotlight or transforms into 

a shape for an image or photo.

With a new visual style - 

a new website

We also developed a website based on new branding for AMO. AMO uses it to attract new people to its teams. Therefore, when developing the site, we emphasized the culture and values of AMO through the people who work in the company. We mentioned its main directions and filmed video content for the website.

We also worked on its functionality and linked its job database to the site. Thus, as soon as a new vacancy appears in 

the database, it is automatically uploaded to the Career page in a corporate style. This feature remains invisible to site visitors, but has become quite useful for AMO HRs.


AMO’s main goal was to develop a flexible platform for the HR brand that would be able to unite all its areas and clearly convey who they are and what makes them different. Even though the company's changes coincided with the beginning 

of a full-scale invasion, AMO managed to achieve the following results:

AMO has proven that its primary value remains unchanged even in difficult times:

"Rebranding came at a critical moment. However, this made it bright. The crisis showed that the most important thing for the company is people".
In the most challenging months for business, AMO managed to keep its employees and grew almost two times:

"Last year, 243 new people joined us".

AMO has come to an understanding of its own identity as a company:

"We unified communication and branding. It became clear to people where they work. And we, as a company, began to stand out".

"Previously, every person who came to a meeting presented the company differently. And now we are all on the same page".

Employees began to represent the company 

and its ideas at various events and platforms:

"Now we highlight our pages on DOU, LinkedIn. Our employees speak at universities on behalf of the company to find new talents and increase knowledge about us. Now we enjoy presenting ourselves"
AMO began to run its Social Networks, where they highlight their values, find talents, and where employees feel their involvement in the company.

"Now people are talking more and more about AMO in Social Media. Because of the war, we do not hold any events, but since our people are back in the office, they have started going for coffee, meeting after work, and posting stories tagging our page. Users tag us when fundraising .

More and more partners and candidates found their interest in AMO.

In the period from the beginning to the end of 2022, our Social Media grew: Instagram - from 0 to 1130 followers LinkedIn - from 1000 to 3450 followers

"There was an interview recently. The girl wanted to join us, although she already had an offer from others. Still, she was waiting for our response. She described each of the projects. She said she understood our value of "People make stories" and how cool our logo communicated the idea. I felt her interest and that she was our person".  

AMO came to be seen as an independent brand. The company has its materials, branded merch, and internal events. Among external presence, AMO acted as a partner of DEV Challenge, Serhiy Prytula Charity Fund, United24, and Stand with Ukraine. They also shot the film Stay Online and launched the project Ukraine will bloom again

At the end of the year, AMO decided to sum it all up and tell their people about the meaningful projects done thanks to them. They asked us for help. And we, in return, came up with a manifesto about the results of their year 2022.

banda agency

Creative Director – Oleksandra Doroguntsova

Head of strategy – Anastasiia Markova

Strategist – Luda Bey

Art director – Sonia Chokan

Copywriter – Sofia Panasenko

Copywriter – Oleksiy Yatsura

Senior Designer – Viktor London

Designer – Snizhanna Chernetska

Digital specialist – Andriy Pavlov

Digital Designer – Iryna Levytska

Team Leader – Marina Kunets

Project Manager – Anastasiia Polikarchuk


PR director – Maria Rasputnaya

GWS production

Director – Astashov Evgeniy

DOP – Maksym Hurov

Light – Boev Eduard

Sound – Androsiuk Denis