It's chilltime


Imagine this: you’re chilling on a couch, your legs are slouching, your laptop is fully charged with a new season, and bang! A phone attack: "Hey, the layouts need to be redone ASAP!" Been there?

Less “need”, more “chill”. Long story short, the strategy narrows down to this: chips to keep the worries away and your hands busy.

Looking at retail shelves made us feel tired right away. Most of our category design was motley and complicated. So we chilled a bit and took the opposite direction.

The logo became simpler and stronger so that the brand could be easily recognized among a bunch of others. We placed the updated logo on clean and bright monochrome backgrounds.

When it came to showing tastes, we took

a different direction again. Instead of classics: perfectly sliced ​​potatoes, main role was given personality — simple illustration plus tasty product pics.

But whose hand are they? All hands lead right to their owner who is chilling on the back of the pack. He takes a moment for himself and dedicates a small poem to the Chipster’s delicious tastes.


Creative Director – Taras Dzendrovsky

Head of Strategy – Nastya Markova

Strategist – Mykyta Trygub

Art Director – Oleksiy Dyvysenko

Art Director – Katerina Tkachenko

Senior Copywriter – Anastasia Burganova

Junior Copywriter – Olesya Bondar

Senior Designer – Yura Rusovsky

Junior Designer – Krystyna Foshchai

Team Leader – Zhenya Dvoretskaya

Junior Project Manager – Alyona Zykova

snack production

Marketing Director – Yevgen Rozuvayev

Creative Director – Olga Smolina

Deputy Director on brand management – Svitlana Kucherova

Brand Manager – Alina Loshinska-Tarasevich

Head of Design – Andriy Bilous

Creative Copywriter – Anna Osadchenko


Hellraisers. Rebranding the underdogs