Codegym. Step-by-step java course


Codegym is a platform with online Java courses. This market is quite saturated, and it’s really difficult to grow there. So they turned to us.

Less Java, more people

The first thing we noticed is that all Codegym communication was about Java: Java courses, what is Java, basic Java skills, how to start programming in Java. Quite logical. These are Java courses. But wait.

Java course is too specific product for too narrow audience. To choose it, you should already understand what a programming language is. More precisely, you should already know that you need Java. There are not so many people like that.

We offered to expand the audience by focusing on those who are thinking about switching into IT. 

These people have not yet decided on a programming language. They don’t care if it’s Java or not. They want to finally start programming. And Codegym can give them what they want.

How do these 25% feel?

People try to start coding for months, they doubt themselves, and we found a way how Codegym can help them. Good structure, clear explanations, regular practice give this ‘I can code moment’ at the first lesson. It inspires and gives strength to continue instead of doubting.

To emphasize this power we changed positioning from ‘Java courses’ to ‘I can code’ courses’


We came up with the idea as simple as the product: If you can open Codegym, you can code.

Sounded so silly, that we decided to exaggerate it in execution even more.


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Co-Founder & CMO – Oleksii Yelenevych

Head of Paid Acquisition – Ira Rudenko
PPC Manager – Andrii Sobchenko
Head of PR & Media – Alice Korzh
Project Manager – Zoya Kurbanova
Senior Designer – Olga Gavrylova
Motion Designer – Oleksii Kapitanchuk
Editor – Yuliya Tunik


Creative Director – Oleksii Dyvysenko

Strategist – Olena Starko

Junior Strategist – Valentyna Vivcharchyn

Junior Strategist – Dmytro Kulakov

Art Director – Anya Udovenko

Copywriter – Olesia Bondar

Senior Designer – Dmytro Basov

Designer – Mariia Kotemako

Designer –Snizhana Chernetska

Project Manager – Alyona Zykova

Motion Designer — Anastasiia Korzhenko


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