Comfy kids. Branding out of kids' curiosity.


Comfy Kids is an online toy store from Comfy, the largest retailer of household appliances in Ukraine.  

Empower children to change the world

Curiosity is the best skill of our time. Today parents strive to raise open-minded children. They understand the possible consequences of restrictions and prohibitions that put off the desire to discover the world.

Toys of childhood have a significant influence on the future of a person. Therefore, Comfy Kids removes archaic stereotypes about entertainment and gives children space for creativity.

What if... We made

a branding out of

kids' curiosity

Youngsters’ desire to know everything is the core idea of the Comfy Kids identity. Working on the branding, we let the naught children inside us make decisions.

We created a dynamic logo that symbolises toys and different kinds of combinations like in a game.

Who's stronger:

UFO frog or a

pineapple sheep?

And what if we combine a crocodile and a helicopter? This type of question is a core idea of our illustrations. Geometric characters stretch to any format to support grid layout.

In the new branding we tried to reflect the magic of childhood to remind parents of their carefree years and help them better understand the kids’ modern world. 


Strategic director — Yaroslav Serdiuk
Creative director – Maksim Boritko
Senior designer – Viktor London
Junior designer – Maksym Mazigula
Strategist — Mykyta Trehub
Junior strategist — Luda Bay
Team lead – Dаryna Skalun