Celebrate diversity.
Eurovision 2017


Together with our partners from studio Republique,

we developed branding

for Eurovision 2017.

The goal of celebrating diversity builds on the 2016’s theme: ’Come Together’ and is at the heart of Eurovision’s values: it is all-inclusive and all representative of countries around Europe, and beyond, coming together to celebrate both what we have in common and our unique differences, all with great music. 

Uniting Europe,

Bead after Bead

We wanted to create a symbol that would be representative of Ukrainian culture while also representing the mission of Eurovision. We chose the shape of a traditional Ukrainian necklace, elements of which would symbolise participants of the contest. Bead after bead, countries taking part in Eurovision, together creating a captivating celebration of music.

Although it was based on a traditional Ukrainian symbol, we gave it a modern look with bright patterns. Every element of the necklace has a unique design and shape, which symbolises the simple truth that we are all different, but every year we meet together for one beautiful cause.


We selected red and black as the primary brand colors. Having chosen two traditional Ukrainian colors, we adapted them for the television visual format, creating Cold Black and Vibrant Red. Cold Black and Vibrant Red have tints and vibrance that look more favorable on the screen, creating a striking visual contrast that suits the nature of Eurovision.


Creative Director – Pavlo Vrzhesch

Head of Strategy – Yaroslav Serdiuk

Head of Art – Yegor Petrov

Senior Designer – Anton Ivanov

Designer – Illia Shulzhenko

Art Director – Aleksey Dуvysenko

Art Director – Maria Dmytrova

Copywriter – Anastasia Burganova


Design Studio Director – Denys Gerasko

Art Director – Ivan Symonovskyi

Senior Designer – Dmytro Basov


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