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New goodwine loyalty program branding

Previously, goodwine had a standard loyalty program: customers were given personalized cards with a fixed discount on alcohol. Over the past 10 years, the number of customers has increased, but the number of cards has not - they were simply handed over from one to another, or people called the cardholder's name at the checkout and received a discount. Thus, one card was used by the whole family, friends, friends of friends, and half of the colleagues. goodwine recognized this as a problem

The store did not know its regulars

Due to the passing of cards, it was impossible to find out what products regular customers like, what offers are truly beneficial for them, and what they would like to buy more often. goodwine didn't know the main thing - its customers’ habits. Therefore, the store could not invite customers to potentially interesting tastings and festivals, inform them about new arrivals and promotions for their favorite products.

To change this, they decided to completely rethink their system, find out the true preferences of customers and offer more than just discounts.

goodwine now has a new loyalty program

The new loyalty program applies not only to alcohol but to all products: meat, coffee, olives, goat cheese, the Home section accessories, and the flower department.

And also, all offers in it are now personal - for those products that customers love and buy more often. First, you need to select your favorite products when setting up the program, and then personal offers are formed based on the purchase history and are updated every 1-2 weeks. Passing cards and using the program by name does not work anymore. But with maximum personalization, customers can buy more profitably what they actually love.

There are no 

two identical 


We created a huge pattern in our style for the cards. And then programmed a generator that broke the pattern into many non-repeating fragments. Therefore, there are no two identical cards - each client has their own unique design.

Familiar place

Branding of a new loyalty program is about the place where you constantly come and where everything is familiar. When you are a goodwine regular, you know Alik from the meat department and Pasha from the Yellow Place café. They know you came for veal and espresso. People are the main value of goodwine. So who else had to explain how the new loyalty program works.

Habits are beneficial

Thanks to the simplicity and positiveness of the new visual style, the store seemed to start "talking" to customers. goodwine has become more atmospheric and comfortable, and with the new loyalty program, it has become even more beneficial. With goodwine, habits are beneficial.


Marketing Director – Mariia Oliinyk

Marketing Manager – Iryna Tokarchuk


Creative Director – Pavlo Vrzheshch

Head of Art – Yegor Petrov

Strategy Director – Yaroslav Serdiuk

Art Director – Illia Anufriienko

Copywriter – Roman Gurbanov

Chief Designer – Anton Ivanov

Senior Designer – Iurii Rusovskii

Illustrator – Iurii Rusovskii

Illustrator – Ievgen Velychev

Illustrator – Khrystyna Ika

Senior Account Manager – Zhenia Dvoretska

Junior Account Manager – Iryna Pikalova

foxy production

Director – Yegor Petrov

DoP – Nikita Kuzmenko

Executive Producer – Shevchuk Tanya

Producer – Grigorash Nastya

Post-production supervisor – Shmotolokha Irina

CG animation – CapsulaFX

Editor – Legostaev Aleksandr

Color correction – Andrey Borovkov

Sound design – Art post studio