Hellraisers. Rebranding the underdogs


HellRaisers is an cybersport organization with two teams from CS: GO and Dota2, as well as a division in Fortnite. It started in 2014, when everyone was keen on Flappy Bird and passed each other Ice Bucket Challenge. Feels like ages ago.

Much has changed since then: cyberport has become even more popular, HellRaisers have reunited more than once, and their fans have grown a real man's beard instead of a downy hair over upper lips. The brand needed changes, so we got to work.

What’s the team is about?

There were one main reason why fans loved their teams and was not the games won, but sincerity, community and idea. It is important for them that the team has a clear position. This was a gap for HellRaisers which needed to be filled.

Underdogs against all

HellRaisers lose and win rates are quite equal. They get themselves together after every loss and get ready for the next game coming. Every time. Many times.

Fans support HellRaisers because no one else cares. They are not interested in supporting a boring, predictable winner. They are looking for a place where they feel valuable — a bunch of underdogs just like themselves.

HellRaisers exist to unite the underdogs.

It’s position narrows down to this:

Top Dog  Of Underdogs

We simplified the old logo but the burn-in-hell-look remained. Eye tilt and color convey the mood and aggressive nature of HellRaisers.

Most important is that the team stays close to the fans: the logo became an easy way produce merch even with your one left hand. Two puffs with a spray can - and ready-made graffiti on the wall or a poster. And imagine thousands of red lights forming a logo

in a stadium.


CEO – Oleksii Slabukhin

СMO – Viktor Opanasenko

Art Director – Volodymyr Dynnik

CS: GO Team Manager – Ievhen Shulga

Head of Media – Volodymyr Latyshenko


Creative Director – Yaroslav Serdiuk

Head of Strategy – Nastiia Markova

Strategist – Mykyta Tregub

Junior Art Director – Katya Tkachenko

Senior Designer – Iura Rusovskii

Junior Designers – Krystyna Foshchai

Junior Designers – Lesia Isikova

Junior Copywriter – Olesiia Bondar

Senior Account Manager – Zheniia Dvoretska

Junior Account Manager – Olena Zykova