Make useful unboring.


MacPaw is an Ukrainian IT company whose products are used by 36 million users worldwide. Probably every MacBook or iMac user is familiar with their Clean MyMac and Gemini apps.

But here's the problem — people know about the apps, but not about MacPaw itself.

MacPaw built great apps,

but they didn't have a big idea behind them

We wanted their applications to be loved

not just for their functionality, but for the fact that they are from MacPaw, so that with every new release people would say, 

"Oh, they’ve released something new –I definitely have to try it!"

We had to find the ‘magic features’

of MacPaw that its users love.

We do not change the world, but we change the life of each individual person

It seems like if the company today does not aim to save the world — this is something embarrassing and unsound. In fact, it is not. While everyone is concerned globally, MacPaw is changing the lives of each individual user.

People will do more useful things if we eliminate boredom from them

People will more readily perform important tasks if tedium is eliminated. Optimizing your computer is much easier if you can do it in one click, and with an easy interface.

People will love useful tasks if they find a way to make them easier, even fun.

This is exactly how 

our MacPaw communication 

strategy was born:

Make useful unboring

"Unboring" is the best word to describe MacPaw’s products, as well as the atmosphere in their office, the people and their principles.

Notably, unboring doesn't simply mean "fun" and "сheerful".

"Make useful unboring" — is about making useful things easier, simpler, faster, more beautiful and more human.

"Most importantly, Banda didn't create something airy-fairy. Instead, they relocated for a week to our office, literally ‘living’ with us, immersing themselves in our daily life and company culture.

This helped them to understand that ‘Make useful unboring’ is really how we think, work and create."

Kateryna Drobot,

MacPaw Brand Manager


Employer Brand Manager – Kateryna Drobot

CEO & Founder – Oleksandr Kosovan

Communications Specialist – Ksenia Rastvorova

Designers – Olya Vtorenko

Designers – Oleksandr Ageev

Designers – Dmytro Novikov

CTIO – Vira Tkachenko

CMO – Ivan Kuziv

PR Lead – Yulia Petrik

PMM – Dmytro Bilkun

Recruiting Team Lead – Oleksandra Golubieva

Operations Team Lead –Sofia Dvoinos

Our talented colleagues and outstanding actors:

Maxim Kukurudzak, Tatiana Timchiy, Thomas Littrell, Eugene Palash, Danilo Tkachenko, Pavel Gaydamak, Victoria Obarazh, Lyudmila Pavlenko and Anna Shenishevska


Creative Director – Pavlo Vrzhesch

Creative Director – Yegor Petrov

Head of Strategy – Yaroslav Serdiuk

Strategists – Hanna Bosa

Strategists – Anasatsiia Pecheritsa

Art Director – Oleksiy Dyvysenko

Copywriter – Roman Hurbanov

Senior Account Manager – Yevheniia Dvoretska

Account Manager – Ira Pikalova


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