Nology is your smartest trip planner and personal travel assistant powered by AI. Nology analyzes billions of combinations to create your perfect trip based on your tastes & interests. It also allows you to book tickets & accommodations directly in the app. 

Naming & branding

With the brand name our main goals were to keep it simple, charismatic and technologic.

Another challenge was to create such a name that would easily transform into the brand character’s name.

First we created “Nology”, which is easily associated with technology. Then we saw a charismatic brand character’s name right in it. So, now you can finally meet Nolo.

Nolo is not just a logo. It is your little cheerful pocket assistant. He visually represents a person who wants to get the most out of their trip: always on the go and vigorously looking around to see everything. Although Nolo has only one eye, he can also see all the best ways your trip can go. 

Сreative strategy for the launch campaign

Nology started within the US market, where our main competitors were not only small travel apps, but also giants like Booking, Airbnb and Tripadvisor. Obviously, our advertising budget was much less than theirs.

To stand out we had to find a bold idea outside the travel category clichés.

While researching the audience we found that the US market is full of lazy travelers.

Americans have one of the most powerful passports in the world and can travel to 186 countries without a travel visa.

However, only ⅓ (37%) of American have a valid and unexpired U.S. passport (*Source: YouGov, 2021)

When we asked Americans why they rarely traveled, the most common excuses were "traveling is expensive and difficult”, "we don’t have money to travel because we spend all of it buying loads of different stuff."

With all their travel advantages, a lot of Americans prefer to stay at home and fall into the American consumer trap.

They fill the emotional gap with the quick dopamine of shopping – buying a new iPhone/10-th sneakers/another IKEA couch, etc. But the emotions after the purchase vanish pretty fast, leaving only the dark emptiness inside.

This is how we came up with our big idea.

We believe that traveling fills you up much more than things do. You will never remember the things you bought a couple of years ago, but you will definitely remember each trip you had.

We want to tell our people: "Buy less. Travel more."

Go wide with Nology. The launch campaign.

We knew that our launch campaign would not only be based on a bold message, but it would also be a carrier of the new ideology. So, our message would have to really sink in among Americans. At the same time, people have never heard of Nology. So, we would also have to broadcast product oriented messages to let everyone know what Nology can do. 

That’s why we decided to make a double impact: one spot translating the brand’s mission and a couple of short videos showing the app’s main features.

We started with an ad that translated the brand’s serious message. We created a catchy song to let the message sink in easily. The ad shows an average American drowning in a sea of boxes they ordered online. 

And what do we as a brand say to those boxes? Fuck those boxes. Go wide and live your best life. Here you can watch a draft video made to translate the brand’s mission.

The second part of the launch campaign would be a series of banners and short clips showing the app’s helpful features. Nothing extra, just sticking to the main points.


Creative Director – Yaroslav Serdiuk

Digital Director – Andrii Pavlov

Head of Strategy – Nastia Markova

Strategist – Mykyta Tregub

Strategist – Yuliia Shyrianina

Art Director – Anya Udovenko

Copywriter – Nastia Burganova

Designer – Yura Rusovskyi

Designer –Krystyna Foshchai

Designer –Hordiy Vasylash

Project Manager – Alyona Zykova

Team Lead – Zhenia Dvoretska



Director, Edit – Nikita Kvasnikov

DoP – Borya Borisov

Director’s Scout – Oleksandr Khmyrov

Director’s Scout – Victoria Zaliznyuk

Producer – Roman Kravets

Producer – Victoria Zaliznyuk

Post-Production Producer – Kate Mingazirova

Compositing – Oleksandr Dysenko


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