Optimeal. Thank you for your loyalty.


Optimeal is a super premium pet food brand. This Ukrainian company creates food for dogs and cats from the recipe to the product on the store shelf.

It has its own production, a whole bunch of veterinarians, nutritionists, technologists, and a telephone support service for people with pets. It is the only domestic brand with such a level of expertise and quality.

Therefore, until February 24th, Optimeal was a brand of excellence. A brand that sharpened all communication under its professionalism and literally medical perfection of the product because it had such a right.

The full-scale Russian invasion did not affect Optimeal’s quality. But it affected people and their perception of reality. The world literally became black and white, everyone around was divided into friends and enemies. Those who are close to you, who fight, help and do not leave you in trouble, are your people. 

It was a time of media silence. 

Brands either froze in anticipation or came out with patriotic messages. Traditional advertising, which sold something, was considered almost like cynicism. Every appearance on the air or any statement from the brand was like an act of bravery.

We should say that Optimeal was quite lucky in that case. Ukrainians, on their own, provided a lot of material and stories related to those for whom this brand works. Our nation has shown unprecedented heroism in its pets’ treatment. 

It remained to find an emotion, a word that would most fully express what Ukrainians did for each other and their loved ones. A feeling that resonates as much as possible in Ukrainian hearts.

And we found it. It was loyalty.

Loyalty has always been inherent in pets. The war proved that people have this trait too. The idea of our campaign was to show superb brave Ukrainians themselves. To instill pride, strength and hope for the future because such people will definitely have it and it will be wonderful. The main thing is to remain loyal to your loved ones.

It was probably the first time we did not aim to sell a product.

Optimeal as a brand expressed its great support for people and their pets instead by saying 'we are with you, we are here, you can rely on us.' It was essential to charge this emotion not only at the beginning of the war. The effect is prolonged because the war will be finished, and people will remember who stayed with them in tough times. And it was Optimeal.

More than a million organic views on YouTube and TikTok.

 Our video literally woke up the sluggish Optimeal pages on social media. The topic of loyalty extended to viral interactions with users. The main video received many comments, and the main leitmotif was...

We launched the 'Stories of devotion' campaign, where our subscribers talked about themselves, their loved ones, and how they survived the first months of the war.

During the second flight, we wanted to shift the emotion from tears to optimism and hope for the future. Loyal people and their pets will be fine because the whole world holds on to them. 

We made many short videos with funny characters and their life stories. Let everyone who looks and recognizes himself and his pet smile. And believes that everything will be fine, no matter what.


Creative Director – Yaroslav Serdiuk

Team Lead – Daryna Skalun

Project Manager – Maria Matveyenko

Art Director – Maria Bulgakova

Creative Copywriter – Serhii Vorvykhvost

Designer – Sima Shpin'


1st flight:

Executive producer - Natalka Denysenko
Line producer - Valeria Koretska
Sound - Seva Zolotko
Motion designer - Andrey Bogdanovych
Edit - Yurii Kochur

2nd flight:

Executive producer - Natalka Denysenko
Line producer - Valeria Koretska
Sound - Baker Street Studio
Edit - Yurii Kochur


Roman Shpak – Senior Brand Exacutive / Premium Brands Kormotech

Anna Burban – Brand manager TM Optimeal


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