Communication restart of the main bank of the country.


Privatbank is the unique and challenging client.

One of the pillars of the national economy. The most profitable, the biggest bank in the country with 30 million cards issued during 28 years of non-stop work. Together with Privat team we conducted the largest communication restart in their history.

They were always here, they were keeping silence

During the existence of Privat a new generation of Ukrainians grew up. Their formation took place together with the formation of the bank. Their parents used Privat. They received their first scholarship or even their first salary in Privat. Privat was always around, but it didn't talk to them as a brand. Therefore, we had to form a new positioning and create communication for this 25-30-year-old audience, which is now becoming the main pulsion of Ukraine's economy.

We figured out what they think of Privatbank

Our work began with research. We conducted in-depth interviews, focus-groups and online surveys. They wanted to find out what banks mean for these people. After analyzing and processing all the data, we`ve got key facts about the audience. In Banda we call them "truths".

Target audience truth

Privatbank at this time

It was surprising to us how strongly vision of Privat differs from reality. Because during audience research we immersed deeper into product and business features. And we were amazed of how much Privat actually does. Here are just a few things in recent years:

And than we found a truth of Privat:

PrivatBank does more than anyone, but does not talk about it at all

At a time when competitors are coming out with national campaigns about each of their proposals, Privat is just silently doing its job, innovation after innovation. But without large-scale communication, no one knows about it.

Strategic task of Privat

So we decided that it was strategically important for us not just to talk to the young audience. First of all Privat should talk about itself. They should tell about everything they do for Ukrainians in very light tone of voice. They don't stop, don't expect favorable conditions. They're just do it.

Our strategic message:

Bank that makes more than anyone.

We have integrated this character of the bank into a new powerful slogan:

They don't criticize those who do nothing

The more you do, the more you are criticized. Especially if your services are used every day and perceived as something "self-evident". So even if in 1 of 1000 cases with Privat something goes wrong, or Privat24 "goes to bed" for 5 minutes, dozens of angry comments instantly appear on the Internet.

Ukrainians are not used 

to seeing Privat on the empathic side

There is so much Privat in our lives that it seems as if he has no right to make a mistake at all. And because of its enormous scale, it seems that it is a kind of soulless huge machine that will never hear your requests. And although in fact the contact center personally solves problem with each client, Ukrainians are not used to seeing Privat from empathic point of view.

What should be Privat's first advertising campaign?

It would be interesting to come up with a powerful video about how much Privat is already doing. But in such criticism to start with self-promotion seemed to be the wrong strategy. When people are negative-thinking, everything you say will only increase the pressure in the conflict situation.

We decided to work with the negative first. Not to avoid, but to accept it. Because we are not afraid to "be unperfect" We understand that this is our responsibility and people rely on us. Therefore, big brand must have enough courage to open up and not to be afraid of showing its communication imperfections. Then he becomes closer to the people, ceases to be a corporate machine.

Defuse the atmosphere

So in our first campaign together with the team of PrivatBank we decided to "defuse the atmosphere". We decided to thank people self-ironically for their criticism and at the same time to remind them that f*сk-ups are still a very small part of their daily interaction with the bank.

We also released short formats to support basic communication. They work as another reminder of PrivatBank, which we use, but do not notice.

We have developed outdoor advertising according to basic strategy. We started communication from boards all over Ukraine to tell clearly about everything that PrivatBank had done.

We’ve made the design minimalistic and bold on purpose. Picked up visually interesting objects that were complemented by copies and chose bright informal colors.


Marketing director — Viktoriia Hubina

Head of advertising department — Mariia Shatokhina

Head of Digital Marketing Department — Oleksii Popov

Head of copywriting center — Bykhno Olexandr

Head of Design-center — Masiukevich Alla

Advertising manager — Lesia Kostenko

Advertising manager — Anna Butenko


Creative Director — Oleksandra Doroguntsova

Creative Director — Iiaroslav Serdiuk

Senior Strategist — Nastia Pecherytsia

Senior Art Director — Illia Pochkun

Senior Copywriter — Roman Gurbanov

Senior Designer — Ivan Simonovskii

Junior Designer — Oleksii Prylipka

Junior Designer — Sergii Dobroriez
Team Leader — Maryna Kuniets

Project Manager — Ira Pikalova

Junior Project Manager — Nastia Polikarchuk

Electric Sheep Film

Director — Shiny Brilliantstar

DOP — Anton Fursa

1st AD — Alina Krasnianska

Executive producer — Andrii Kopots

Producer — Nataliia Romaniuk

Art Director — Olena Yemelianova

Costume designer — Stas Ralko

Sound — Baker Street

Post-production — Camaradas

Edit — Viktoriia Dvornikova 


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