Unstoppable branding


Last year a Ukrainian team of venture investors came to us. The guys were involved in the launch of Reface and had managed to put projects all over the world into their portfolio. However, the company still did not have its own brand. Not even a name.

Well, let's roll!

Started with a strategy >>>

The company has what it takes to please startup founders: a clear focus on IT, experience in the European and American markets, and founders with a startup background. But this is not enough to get us noticed in the category. Everyone here is a "proficient partner 

for the brave".

We wanted to get to the bottom of the truth. 

To understand what really hurts the creators.

Found our direction >>>

We realized who we talking to. Our man is Peter, the founder of a tech startup. He's like a race car that dreams of getting out of the damn garage and making his way to the big leagues. What's holding him back? The dictatorship of investors.

Our role >>> nitro for the startup

We support Peter to get things going.

We accelerate it so that Peter reaches his

target faster. And most importantly,

the wheel always remains in the founder's hands.

There's a new brand on the horizon >>>

Do you hear that? "Roosh" is a Ukrainian word that means "go!" A powerful call to move forward that you've been waiting for.

Going full speed 

in branding >>>

Everything about Roosh hints at the speed with which Peter will develop his business. The logo is reminiscent of a race track with steep curves. The font is slanted like a spoiler. The signature colors — nitro orange and power blue — are real shades of nitrous oxide tanks. 

Complicated long sentences — away. No static photos, not even in SMM.

Turning Boosters on >>>

In racing games, you have to hit the arrows to accelerate. We made these arrows the main element of nitro branding. And called them "boosters”.

Boosters are absolutely dynamic — they can change shape, shrink and stretch as the designer's heart desires. The branding will always feel new.


Founding partner – Sergey Tokarev

Managing partner – Den Dmitrenko

Head of PR  – Alexandra Borodina


Creative Director – Yegor Petrov

Strategist – Yuliia Shyrianina

Strategist – Nastia Pecheritsa

Art Director – Oleksandra Shcherbakova

Designer – Yura Rusovskyi

Designer – Krystyna Foshchai

Copywriter – Anastasiia Burganova Copywriter – Olesia Bondar

Team Leader – Zhenia Dvoretska


Content-first branding