Uber. Global campaign to support Ukraine


Ukraine is going through the hardest time right now, fighting Russian invaders, surviving bombs and blackouts, losing the best people. And while the war is a reality for Ukrainians, it is the stuff of headlines for the rest of the world. Sometimes at the forefront of the debate. Sometimes news about celebrities is more interesting. People get used to someone else's wars.

With on the ground operations in Ukraine, Uber has a unique position to know what Ukrainians are going through, and the heroic efforts of drivers. And Uber wants to share these stories in order to keep Ukraine in the spotlight around the world. 

An important collaboration between a brand’s global office and a Ukrainian agency

To tell the stories in war, it’s critical to work with people who understand the context. The subject is extremely delicate. That’s why the Uber team sought out a Ukrainian agency to handle the task.

Banda has previously worked with Uber Ukraine, created a global “Be brave like Ukraine” campaign, been named the most effective independent creative agency in the world, and has offices in both Kyiv and Los Angeles. The Uber team reached us, and the work began. In Kyiv, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, NY and LA, while one has 10 a.m. and the other one 6 p.m., two teams united for a great common goal.

Keep Ukraine moving, like Ukrainian drivers do

When Russians invaded Ukraine, people were stunned and paralysed. Some needed to get home to their families, to flee an occupation, or to cross the border. People needed transportation more than ever before, and many drivers chose to keep providing it: voluntarily, over long distances, risking their lives to save others.

We combed through the news, tweets and posts, conducted personal interviews, and discovered numerous breathtaking stories like that. A man drove an elderly couple from Kyiv to the Polish border. Naturally, for free. And a man who evacuated people from Bucha while Russians were there. And a woman who went right up to the front lines to rescue a family with two children and three cats. For the filming, we chose three drivers. But stories like theirs happen in Ukraine everyday. Thousands that we don’t even know about. 

A work in time of the war 

If you have ever wondered what it is like to work while missiles are being launched at your country, we have something to say.

The entire production was made in Ukraine and by Ukrainians. This means we have a director, Oleg Tomin, who spent the first weeks of the invasion with his children in Hostomel. They saw Russian tanks, heard explosions, and were fortunate enough to escape. This means that a shooting day must end by 6 p.m., so that the crew has enough time to return home before the curfew. This means that a studio can halt dubbing because Russian missiles were launched at Kyiv. This also means that the final films have more bravery and value in it than we could have imagined. 

Global campaign to support Ukraine 

The campaign was launched on Uber's own platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and in-app in many countries around the world. In the United States, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Romania, and, of course, Ukraine it will be seen by millions of drivers and passengers.

All funds raised during the campaign will be donated to UNITED24, the main Ukrainian foundation supported by President Zelenskyy. The money will be spent on ambulances, which will help save lives. 

This campaign is an example for other brands to collaborate with Ukrainians, to support us and tell our stories to the world, to keep Ukraine moving.


Global Producer – Christopher Butler

Senior Social Impact Manager – Candace Yu

Creative Director – Einav Jacubovich

Global Director of Social Impact – Julia Paige

Global Executive Creative Director – Danielle Hawley

Senior Social Impact Manager –Abhinav Bahl


Creative Director – Rick Serdiuk 

Creative Director – Egor Petrov Creative Director – Maksim Boritko

Strategist – Bohdan Hetmanov

Strategist – Yulia Shiryanina

Strategist – Nick Tregub

Strategy consultant – Serhiy Denisov

Art Director – Anya Udovenko

Copywriter – Olesia Bondar

Designer – Ievgen Velychev

Team Leader – Maryna Kuniets

Project Manager – Stefania Vereczi


Director – Oleg Tomin

DoP – Anton Fursa

EP – Albert Zurashvili

Head of Bidding – Marina Karmolit

Producer – Yulia Foster

Production Coordinator – Vlas Laushkin

1AD – Alina Krasnianska

Art Director – Lera Koval

Costume design – WeRelease

MUA – Maryna Jylova

Production Manager – Max Matveev

Gaffer – Leonid Sidorenko

Focus Puller – Sergiy Sardudinov

1AC – Pasha Chui

Playback – Sergiy Vilchinskiy

Gravitcapa & Car mount – Max Varava

Location Manager – Yaroslav Grischenko

Sound – Denys Ryskal

Photographer – Oleksiy Leus

Translator – Ira Kostenko

BTS – Max Kamirer

Post Production – Coffee Post

Sound – Propeller Studio

Music – Nastya Burganova

Motion Designer – Anastasiia Korzhenko


National Art Museum of Ukraine