Ukraine NOW.
Ukraine's new branding


Ukraine’s largest international marketing campaign

Ukraine NOW is the Ukrainian government’s largest international marketing campaign. Launched in 2018, it’s goal is to create and expand Ukraine’s image worldwide, improve tourism and attract investmentsto the country.

A committee of 27 experts took part in the campaign preparation. A large amount of promotional materials and data was collected with their help to create a brand that demonstrates the attractiveness of Ukraine for tourism, cultural intercommunication and business.

Why does country

need a brand?

A poll was conducted with the help of the British government to investigate how Ukraine is viewed in other countries. 

The poll revealed that Ukraine was most often associated with phrases like ‘corruption’, ‘revolution’ and ‘combat operations’. Those who had never visited generally thought of Ukrainians as reserved, aggressive and intolerant, mostly based on what they saw and read in the news. Of course, such a reputation is not exactly conducive to attracting tourists and investors. 

However, those who had visited Ukraine at least once tended to speak more of Ukrainian hospitality, picturesque views, culture and architecture. So in order to change the image of Ukraine worldwide and convince more people to visit, Ukraine needed to be rebranded.

Their new brand had to portray Ukraine as an open and modern country where interesting things are happening right now.

Ukraine is NOW

‘NOW’ is the most important word for Ukraine at the moment. Contemporary Ukrainians are about ‘NOW’. They don’t wait, they are not afraid. They are working to create new companies, progressive businesses, cafes, restaurants, and festivals, new factories, creative academies and innovative technology parksa all happening right now.

We want to draw the attention of like-minded people, tourists and investors, from all over the world. This moment of change is important for them.

And, according to the survey, the phrase ‘NOW’ really captures their attention.

This word is the keystone of the new campaign and the idea behind the branding campaign.

Ukraine NOW

The new Ukraine brand is designed to be dynamic, open and positive. The logo contains the word NOW marked as with a yellow highlighter marker. The blue element resembles familiar social media icons and shapes. This all brings to mind something new and exciting, showing that Ukraine is truly worthy of attention right now.

The minimalism of the logo makes it easy to use. It consists of basic geometric forms, which helps it to more readily stand out on a variety of objects and media.

The logo is easily adaptable; the elements can change form and position with ease in order to fit different media formats.

Also, the various icons help to set the theme in each piece of media.

The font

The font Ermilov was created specifically for the Ukraine NOW brand. It is a ‘grotesque’ style sans-serif font with unique slopes and angles, inspired by the works of Ukrainian painter-constructivist Vasyliy Yermilov.

To Brand the World

This campaign is sure to capture the attention of the world, connecting with investors and tourists emotionally. Ukraine NOW advertising will be featured in international cities in places like Heathrow Airport and Hong Kong skyscrapers.

International Branding that Impels You to Visit

Сabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Ukraine – Volodymyr Groysman

Advisor to the Prime

Minister of Ukraine – Myroslav Kosheliuk

Head of Information and Communication Department – Roksolana Stadnik


Creative Director – Pavlo Vrzhesch

Head of Art – Egor Petrov

Strategy Director – Yaroslav Serdiuk

Art Director – Mariia Dmitrova

Copywriter – Roman Hurbanov

Chief Designer – Anton Ivanov

Senior Designer – Yuriy Rusovskiy

Designer – Yevhen Velychev

VO – Anastasia Burhanova

Account Manager – Alina Megyd

Type Designer – Kirill Tkachov

Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine

Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine – Yuriy Stets

State Secretary – Artem Bidenko

Special thanks to the My Country (1 + 1 Media) project for their help with video creation and branding, Brave Factory, Good Wine, KAN, MacPaw, Unit City, Ministry of Commerce and Economic Development, also Anna Popruz, Anna Makiyevska, Yevgeny Pylinski, Maria Oliynyk, Olena Martynenko, Pavel Poltorakina and Sasha Boyko. We sincerely thank Onuka, Valeriy Levitsky and the entire team for the opportunity to use the Vsesvit track, as well as DakhaBrakha for the track ‘Sho z-pod duba’, for their openness and unceasing sincerity.

Your activity and creativity creates Ukraine we want to talk about.


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