digital department

In simple terms, we will explain how we'll be working with you.

We think that marketing is going rapidly into the Vertical World of the smartphone. And our job is to help great brands  find their place in this world.

Our UX/UI and the digital department are taking care of the digital identity, corporate websites, landing pages, and application development.

Global tech clients

Stage of work




We study the context, form the goals and objectives of the site. We design the structure, look for references in all fields: visual language, principles of interaction and animation.

OUTPUT: Structure and references.



Design concept

We are developing a website concept demonstrating all the main sections, including design and interaction.

OUTPUT: Interactive prototype.



Content creation

We produce all the necessary content: texts, photos, videos, and illustrations.

OUTPUT: Content for the site.



Design finalization

We work out the design behavior on mobile devices and tablets.

OUTPUT: Design for all sizes.




We code the functional part of the site, and configure the CMS along with the server.

OUTPUT: Site without design.



Layout and testing

We prepare the final design and content, test, and launch the site.

OUTPUT: Site ready for launch.

What we alredy done.

Our capabilities 

Landing page

A landing page is the best way to convey a brand message in an unboring way. We are trying to get the most takeout from every user click on landing.


Turning nation’s bravery into biggest cultural export

Worldwide campaign commissioned by the Office of the President of Ukraine and Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. We have reached over 19 countries, 140+ cities, reached 40M+ OOH impressions for free.

National Defence 

Hackathon 2022

Branding and landing for the main Ukrainian hackathon

Ukraine organized the first global defenсe hackathon to create new military technologies and protect the world from russian aggression. The strength of the legendary Ukrainian defence became the core of the identity – a combination of the digital trident and the shield. The landing helped to gather teams of the most talented minds, who came to protect the world with their ideas.

Creative tabir

A website for the first Creative Camp by banda and reface.

With this website, we wanted to draw the attention of Ukrainian creatives to the camp and give them the opportunity to apply. And so that no one misses their chance, we have placed the "submit application" button a little more times than usual.

Corporate websites

On our clients’ websites, we think about the patterns that are important for the users and the aesthetic appeal that creates emotion for the brand. Site development is the best way to show the full potential of digital identity.


Site development as part of the international IT company brand

For AMO, the site is one of the ways to draw new people to the team. That's why we focused on the company culture and values on it. In addition, we connected their job database to the site for easy-going HRs' life. As soon as a vacancy is added to this database, it automatically appears on the website in the brand style.

UX/UI design

We like to test designs on real users and come up with new solutions based on behavioral facts.

We have experience in crypto, food tech, e-commerce, and a lot more categories.


Site redesign as part of the rebranding of one of the largest online shopping services in the country.

The visual identity, based on interface elements familiar to our audience — Instagram story windows and “like” hearts, allowed us to integrate the brand literally into every page.


Site redesign as part of Ukrainian streaming platform rebranding.

While creating a strategy for OLL TV we defined the key message — ”everything to the maximum”. Then we found a concise design solution to back it up. We integrated it into the visual identity and the interface to make it as expressive as possible.

Luminar Neo

Landing page for a photo editor that is built on neural networks.

By creating an identity with the help of neural networks, we got the opportunity to communicate unique features of the product directly inside of the text on the site.


Applications became a necessary part of the brand ecosystem, whether or not it's your core product. Our applications create an experience that users love

Redesign of the service as part of the rebranding of the Ukrainian tender platform.

A highly flexible and functional design system made it possible to improve the perception of information and facilitate work with a large amount of data during the redesign of the interface.

We have a proven track record helping businesses grow with the power of digital. 


We look forward to start something great with you.