strategy trip

In simple terms, we will explain how we'll be working with you.

Creativity is at the center of everything we do.
We're showing how our approach to creativity brings results across the board, and creates brands that cannot be ignored.

Here we will tell you a little bit about what we bring to the table, and how we're going to work with your brand.

So, let's imagine 

you're a Banda client.






We dive deep and unpack* your business and brand to really see the big picture.

When building a brand we treat it like a Pop Star (in the making) We look to scale up.

Because a brand is made up of those of whom are interested in it, so without interaction we are left nowhere.

We analyze all areas of the market and compile data to create a broad segment in which your target audience an be reached.



From The Lab

In terms of strategy, companies not only need help with branding but often with the product itself.

Some examples may include:

  1. "I want to update my product because sales are not improving"
  2. "I want to launch a new product and understand what is currently in demand"

Through our research we will conduct 20-30 personal interviews.



Your Brand's
Big Day

For one day, all operational affairs are suspended and our entire team is engaged in the scaling of our new brand.

We keep tabs on the competitors and develop a strategy to chisel out your stake in the market.

We create a humanize portrait of our muse and envision who is hiding behind the benign social data.

In this process we take the role as your biggest competitors, we criticize, and find the toughest flaws and biggest advantages of your brand.

At the end of the day, we have the brand positioning matrix hypothesis



Live brand 


The first stage of our research process are in-depth face-to-face interviews.

Our core belief that it is better to conduct 20 live interviews and several group chatting in friendly environment than an obvious quantitative survey of 2,000 people.

We will find out what they like and dislike about a certain product and aim to unlock what it is that the client wants but doesn't get yet.



Daily digital
routine research

Our specialists monitor exactly what it is that client scrolling on instagram as soon as they wake up, what type of content they are stuck on while eating lunch, which bloggers they're interested in, and what Internet forums are actively a part of.

We gather detailed data and deliver:

  • A map of online activity
  • Infographics
  • Findings on the most efficient method to deliver your brand message
  • How to get the best out of your mobile application



A Muse Is Born

After the interview process, we will compose a real portrait of our muse.

We are looking for conflicting rationalities in the muse's decision process that does not yet exist categorically. We aim to identify that, and give it meaning.

We are firm believers in the power of memes and viral content, we see that the most popular memes are vital insights into what average consumers find self meaning and value in.

Let's describe what we're after it in a few short words:

  • How does our muse perceive this category?
  • What do they really think about your brand and your competitors?
  • What do they really want in life and what shelf in their minds do we need to occupy?
  • What brands do they like?
  • What should your brand be like for them to fall in love with, tell their friends all about you, and even advised their mother on?
  •  Why will they will remember your brand.




Brand Strategy
The Big Day

We're planning a big day for your brand's (re)birth.

We present to you our strategy: a vector that will guide all of your brand's activity: what to do, how to say it, and what to offer to the people who are buying in to it.
A strategy isn't just for advertising. It has massive influence on the product and the internal functionality of your company.

We will open the doors for your brand and show to you:

  • The enemies with whom we will fight
  • A position that will distinguish us from your competitors and reel in customers.
  • Your brands role in daily life.
  • A mission - for what do we exist?
  • What kind message you would want to share with the average person.

Your brand will have its own unique voice and character, because the same message can be said but (in different) but much more interesting ways.




Big game hunting

We draw up a war-plan emphasize a clear focus on smartphones (Phone channeling), while keeping in mind classic outputs like print and web.

  • What media our audience consumes
  • The competitors in our media space
  • The quantity of advertising in our media space



The Big Day:

Part 2

We believe that a blossoming brand begins from the inside.

To do this, we present the strategy not only to the branding team, but also to all the employees within your company, so that they can understand and fall in love with the message as well, because It is your employees who will be embodying your clients in the open market.

It's not quite the end yet...
After receiving the results from your campaign, 

we will meet to discuss the next steps.

We will root for your brand and will be open 

to directional adjustments along the way.

We are ready and willing to change accordingly, 

if it means that it will help to implement a more 

effective strategy. 

So, let's create your 

strategy together