Calm your brain and 

leave your face alone.


We all want to keep our brain and body in good shape. But we often give up after the first attempt to exercise or meditate. Snapchat London office and BetterMe app ecosystem took up the challenge to fix it. After all, everyone is staying at home now, and - bingo! - there's plenty of time for thousands of people to get involved in sports or meditation right on their smartphones.

BetterMe is a health care app with 50 million downloads worldwide. And we needed to create a situational campaign for their meditation and fitness apps.

Snapchat was the only channel for this campaign. Its trick is that young people hang out there, exchanging pictures with funny filters, and all content disappears immediately after viewing. For such a social network, videos should be noticeable: with a great sound and an expressive picture. We did just that.

In 5 days, we came up with and implemented 7 ideas that the Snapchat and BetterMe team really loved. Therefore, we decided to choose by testing. We launched all the ideas on Snapchat and selected the two that showed the best results. People watched them more often and moved on to downloading BetterMe apps. We created the videos superfast on our own: we drew the animation, wrote the lyrics and music, dubbed, and even sang.




Meditation is not just for enlightened yogis. It helps relieve stress, calm down and relieve insomnia. That's what you need when the brain turns into an annoying chatterbox.

As soon as we try to sleep or focus, it suddenly remembers the lyrics of a forgotten song, brings crazy theories, or imposes panicky thoughts. BetterMe will help calm him down.

Don’t touch your face

Everyone has already learned the mantra that you cannot touch your face. But people just can't stop doing it.

There is an alternative for them - other parts of the body that want to be touched. After several weeks of training with BetterMe, your arms will reach your buttocks, biceps, legs and abs on their own.

«We work in a highly competitive market, and speed is the main principle of development. In the current situation, it is necessary not only to act proactively but also to try non-standard solutions. We were pleasantly surprised by what Banda had offered. Typically, in meditation apps ads, we see lotus position and soothing music. But we have chosen something radically different.

We had a 100% match with the Banda team. We completely trusted them and, within five days, we received ideas for two of our products in the final form. And all this without leaving home.»

Viktoriia Repa,

CEO & Co-founder BetterMe


Head of Enterprise Consumer Apps

(Dating / Fitness / QSR) – Christopher J. Cahill

Senior Account Manage – Eugene Ward

Creative Strategist – Sophie Khoury


Product Manager – Nikolay Dychenko

PR Manager – Nataly Lytvyn

Marketing Specialist – Sviatoslav Hnizdovskyi


Creative Director – Olexandra Doroguntsova

Head of Strategy – Nastia Markova

Strategist – Mykyta Tregub

Strategist – Yuliia Shyrianina

Art Director – Anastasiia Burganova

Art Director – Oleksandra Shcherbakova

Copywriter – Olesia Bondar

Designer – Masha Kotemako

Designer – Krystyna Foshchai

Designer – Lesia Izikova

Account Manager – Aliona Zykova

PR-Manager – Katia Trygub


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