Content-first branding


Reface is an app that started as a tool for swapping faces on photos and videos powered by AI. But now, it's shifting to become a social platform for personalized content creation with more instruments, not only face swapping. Reface has built a tool to bring any image to life. It means they can move, speak or sing by whatever-you-want voice.

Reface is changing from the product side. So it must also vary from the brand side. We helped with it by beginning with the strategy.

Memefy everything 

with Reface

It's the new big idea and the brand’s key message, which it wants to tell its people. We created this one because Reface AI/ML technologies turn any content into personalized memes. And you can make sure of this. Just download the Reface app.

Why memes?

Memes have already become a global language of the Internet. And Reface believes that memes are the future of communication. So, they set a mission — to reinvent our communication by helping people create funny content instantly and effortlessly. 

What about design?

The previous design of Reface didn't obey any rules. The style of its social networks and the app style were different. So, our primary goal was to unite the design in one visual system.

Reface's content you can make in the app is already making people pay attention to itself. And the design shouldn't shout over the content but has to emphasize it. So, we structured the design, which appeared chaotically before, and created the content-first branding. 

The logo, which symbolizes the shape of the face, has changed in detail and got rid of unnecessary details.

To make the content expressive, we chose black as the primary colour. And added a few colour accents. 

The basis for Reface's branding became an oval shape we took from the logo. This shape is used as a content mask, background for text, or accent spot on the layout design. 

That's how Reface got its new face.


CEO & Co-founder — Dima Shvets

Co-founder — Ivan Altsybieiev

Head of Marketing — Yevhen Leibov

Head of Design — Nikita Lobyntsev


Creative Director — Pavlo Vrzheshch

Senior Strategist — Mykyta Trehub

Strategist — Yuliia Shyrianina

Strategist — Olena Starko

Senior Designer — Ivan Symonovskyi

Designer — Oleksii Prylipka

Art director — Illia Pochkun

Copywriter — Sonia Panasenko

Team Leader — Maryna Kuniets

Project Manager — Olena Sambur


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